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This section of the Lucerna database lists ‘readings’ that accompanied slide sets; contemporary books, periodicals and catalogues; and modern works about the lantern and its history.

To find a text, enter as many search terms as you want in the form below and click the ‘Go’ button. The more criteria you add, the narrower you make the search.

The Lucerna database is a work-in-progress, and many items are not yet recorded. If you know of something that should be in the database and isn’t, please contact us with the details.

Hints for successful searching
 >  Unless you’re sure of what you’re looking for, it may be better to start with a general search and then add more criteria to reduce the number of results ...
 >  ... but if you make your search too general, it may take a long time to display the results.
 >  If searching by title, the search will (only) return results containing exactly the characters you enter, including spaces and punctuation marks.
 >  A ‘date’ search may be less successful as many dates of publication are unknown.
 >  If your search returns no results, check your search criteria – you may have mis-typed something or chosen an impossible combination.

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