Text: Wood's catalogue of over 200,000 slides, optical lanterns etc.: 1912-13, sixty-seventh issue (London: E.G. Wood, 1912)

This text lists 88 slide sets (3,430 slides)
PageSet titleImage typeUsageMakerNo. slidesDate of mfr.
18 The patriarchsdrawing / painting / print religiousE.G. Wood40in/before 1888
18 Life of Josephdrawing / painting / print religiousE.G. Wood16in/before 1888
18 Mosesdrawing / painting / print religiousunknown17in/before 1894
18 Prophets of Israeldrawing / painting / print religiousunknown25in/before 1912
18 Ministry of angelsdrawing / painting / print religious'Maker 08'18in/before 1895
18 Women of the Bibledrawing / painting / print religious'Maker 08'18in/before 1895
18 The story of Ruthdrawing / painting / print religiousunknown7in/before 1912
74icon showing lantern slide Life and scenes in Palestinephotograph lectureYork & Son601899
74icon showing list of titles The Holy Landphotograph lectureG.W. Wilson80in/before 1891
86icon showing lantern slide Cairo and the Nile: past and presentphotograph lectureYork & Son601899
86icon showing lantern slide Egyptphotograph lectureYork & Son60in/before 1888
101icon showing list of titles Coasting voyage from London to Liverpoolphotograph lectureE.G. Wood53in/before 1888
102-103 Picturesque Manxlandphotograph lectureGraystone Bird220in/before 1912
104icon showing list of titles Isle of Man: supplementary seriesphotograph lectureunknown63in/before 1912
105icon showing list of titles A holiday tour in Yorkshirephotograph lectureValentine & Sons561880-1888
105icon showing list of titles Views at Cromer and Sheringhamphotograph lectureunknown10in/before 1912
110icon showing lantern slide The cathedrals of England and Walesphotograph lectureG.W. Wilson70in/before 1894
110icon showing lantern slide Durham Cathedralphotograph lectureG.W. Wilson19in/before 1891
110icon showing list of titles Gloucester Cathedralphotograph lectureG.W. Wilson24in/before 1891
110icon showing list of titles Ely Cathedralphotograph lectureG.W. Wilson18in/before 1891
126icon showing lantern slide The Highlands of Scotlandphotograph lectureG.W. Wilson52in/before 1887
134icon showing list of titles City of Antwerpphotograph lectureYork & Son361894
134icon showing list of titles Belgium and Hollandphotograph lectureunknown75-92in/before 1894
136icon showing list of titles Picturesque Hollandphotograph lectureYork & Son50in/before 1887
136icon showing list of titles Cities and canals of Hollandphotograph lectureG.W. Wilson501892
136icon showing list of titles Picturesque Hollandphotograph lectureValentine & Sons301894
149icon showing lantern slide The sights of Romephotograph lectureWrench & Son50in/before 1891
159icon showing lantern slide Sweden and Denmarkphotograph lectureWrench & Son501894
160icon showing list of titles The Hardanger Fjord, Norwayphotograph lectureYork & Son41in/before 1888
160 Christianiaphotograph lectureYork & Son381893
160 Sweden, Norway and Denmarkphotograph lectureunknown60in/before 1912
167 Views in Montenegrophotograph lectureunknown21in/before 1912
167 Tripoliphotograph lectureG.W. Wilson40in/before 1894
167icon showing lantern slide Greecephotograph lectureunknown37-42in/before 1894
168 Greece: no. 3photograph lectureunknown20in/before 1894
168icon showing lantern slide Athens and the Piraeusphotograph lectureWrench & Son / York & Son501893
168icon showing lantern slide London to Greece (Athens)photograph lectureWrench & Son501893
169icon showing list of titles Morocco and the Moorsphotograph lectureValentine & Sons50in/before 1889
180icon showing lantern slide Indiaphotograph lectureYork & Son50-56in/before 1875
195icon showing lantern slide Canada from Quebec to the Rocky Mountainsphotograph lectureYork & Son60in/before 1888
206icon showing lantern slide Stanley's Emin Pasha relief expeditiondrawing / painting / print lectureYork & Son421890
206icon showing lantern slide Stanley in Africadrawing / painting / print lectureYork & Son291878-1888
206 David Livingstone: weaver boy, missionary, traveller, hero, and Christiandrawing / painting / print lectureunknown50in/before 1912
209icon showing lantern slide A tour in Chinaphotograph lectureValentine & Sons521894-1909
234icon showing lantern slide The Moonphotograph lectureNewton & Co.601892-1909
251 Tower Bridgephotograph lectureunknown27in/before 1894
251icon showing lantern slide Bridges: ancient and modernphotograph lectureWrench & Son501894
251icon showing lantern slide Architectureunknown lectureunknown48in/before 1894
263icon showing list of titles Elementary botanyunknown lectureE.G. Wood50in/before 1894
275 The Norman conquestunknown lectureE.G. Wood501889
289 Conquest of Indiaunknown lectureunknown37in/before 1894
289icon showing list of titles Crimean Warunknown lectureunknown52in/before 1894
289 Indian mutinyunknown lectureunknown48in/before 1894
289icon showing list of titles North-West Frontier Wardrawing / painting / print lectureunknown111897-1912
290icon showing lantern slide The Afghan Wardrawing / painting / print lectureYork & Son361880-1888
290icon showing lantern slide Egyptian Wardrawing / painting / print lectureYork & Son501882
290icon showing lantern slide Soudan Wardrawing / painting / print lectureYork & Son42-571880
332icon showing list of titles Fishing scenesphotograph lectureunknown21in/before 1894
333icon showing lantern slide Sports and athleticsphotograph lectureG.W. Wilson41(+)in/before 1891
348icon showing lantern slide Drinklife model recitationBamforth & Co.211898
348icon showing lantern slide Given in charge: or, little Joy's missionlife model storyT.J. and W.F. Piggott30in/before 1888
348icon showing list of titles Going on wheelslife model service of songunknown30in/before 1909
352icon showing lantern slide How Uncle Pompey jined de pledge: a temperance negro sketchlife model storyWalter Tyler12in/before 1891
361icon showing list of titles The lighthouse keeperlife model storyBamforth & Co.181893
361icon showing lantern slide Where is the Bible?life model storyBamforth & Co.291901
361icon showing lantern slide Molly's mistakelife model service of songUK Band of Hope Union24in/before 1911
361icon showing lantern slide Harry's pint: or, threepence a daylife model storyBamforth & Co.201898
364icon showing lantern slide Sallylife model recitationYork & Son18in/before 1903
364icon showing list of titles The story of a crimelife model recitationBamforth & Co.231904
364 While the Sabbath bells were ringinglife model recitationunknown12in/before 1912
364icon showing lantern slide Kissing Cup's racelife model recitationBamforth & Co.301911
365icon showing lantern slide A gambler's honour: and what it led tolife model service of songBamforth & Co.241910
365icon showing lantern slide How salvation came to Angel Courtlife model storyBamforth & Co.241910
365icon showing lantern slide Mrs Burns's overturelife model storyBamforth & Co.301911
366icon showing list of titles Saved by his Bible: a story of the South African Warlife model storyBamforth & Co.471900
366icon showing list of titles The message of the flowerslife model service of songBamforth & Co.241910
366icon showing list of titles I never thanked Him: or the dying gipsy ladlife model recitationBamforth & Co.121899
371icon showing lantern slide Played out: a gambling storylife model storyChatham Pexton371893
371 An unseen singerlife model service of songunknown42in/before 1912
371icon showing lantern slide A man of his wordlife model storyT.J. and W.F. Piggott33n.d.
383icon showing lantern slide Christie, the king's servant: sequel to 'Christie's old organ'life model storyT.J. and W.F. Piggott39in/before 1912
383icon showing lantern slide Jack the conqueror: new serieslife model storyBamforth & Co.411893
383icon showing lantern slide The newsboy's debtlife model recitationBamforth & Co.61880
389icon showing lantern slide Mother's last wordslife model recitationYork & Son121885
391 Melody: the story of a childlife model storyT.J. and W.F. Piggott30in/before 1909
391 Bunny's friendslife model storyT.J. and W.F. Piggott24in/before 1912
391 Editha's burglarlife model storyT.J. and W.F. Piggott28in/before 1904
391 Birdie's message: or, what Robin heardlife model service of songunknown27in/before 1912

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