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Slide set: [Manchester Museum Collection: Egypt] (lecture: maker unknown, at least 148 slides, n.d.)

Descriptive data for this set (listed below slide images)
Sphinx Front Face
Sphinx in 1937
Sphinx in 1937
Great Pyramid Cairo
Cairo Second Pyramid
The Sphinx
Sphinx Temple, Excavated 1937
Plan of Giza Pyramids
Great Pyramid complex, solar boat
Pyramids and Sphinx from the air, ?1932
Comparative size, Pyramids -- Churches
Plan of Interior of Great Pyramid
Slide 7
Second Pyramid
[Pyramids of Gizeh seen from the air]
Grinsell, Egyptian Pyramids Pl. I
Slide 1
Gizeh, View from top of Valley Temple
[Sphinx and Great Pyramid, Gizeh]
The Sphinx
[The Sphinx and Pyramid, Gizeh]
The Sphinx from South-East
Sphinx in 1937
Grinsell, Egyptian Pyramids Fig. 16
Masonry. Step Pyramid, Great Pyramid and Mastaba
Grinsell, Egyptian Pyramids Pl. V
W.S. Smith, Art and Architecture Fig. 36 -- Pepi II Pyramid
W.S. Smith, Art and Architecture Fig. 37 -- Valley Temple of Pepi II
W.S. Smith, Art and Architecture Fig. 30 -- Weserkaf
[Plan of Pyramids of Gizeh]
Petrie's tomb lodging at Gizeh
W.S. Smith, Art and Architecture Fig. 27 -- Chephren
Grinsell, Egyptian Pyramids Fig. 13 -- Giza, Pyramid of Mycerinus
Slide 3
Gizeh, Valley Temple of Chephren
Grinsell, Egyptian Pyramids Pl. IV -- Upper Temple of Sahuré, Entrance to Pyramid of Mycerinus
Phaidon, The Art of Ancient Egypt Fig. 7 -- Funerary Temple of Chephren
W.S. Smith, Art and Architecture Fig. 23 -- Cheops Temple
Edge of Great Pyramid
W.S. Smith, Art and Architecture Pl. 71 -- Tombs of Wahka and Ibu
Step Pyramid Complex, Saqqara
Step Pyramid of Djeser: Vertical Air-photograph

no image available
Thebes, Medinet Habu -- Great Temple Sculpture
Thebes, Mendinet Habu -- Pavilion of Rameses III
Court of Rameses III temple, Thebes
Pylon of temple at Edfou
Slide I
Assouan, Looking East
Slide 142
Dam, Assuan
View from Barrage, Assouan
Bischarin Arabs, Assouan
Slide D
Assouan, looking West
Slide 45
Luxor. Ruins of Karnak and Obelisk
Temple Entrance, Karnak
Slide 35
Karnak -- Central Avenue of the Temple
Slide F
Assouan, East Pillar
Egypt, Karnak. Thothmes III, Osiris (Headless), Kings of Middle Empire (Seated)
Karnac, Great Temple of Amen Ra and Sacred Lake
Karnak. Sacred Beetle
Karnak Ruins
Slide 44
Luxor, Temple of Karnak
The Nile with Temples of Karnak and the Luxor Palace
Banks of Nile at Karnak
[Temple entrance, Karnak]
Avenue of Sphinx, Luxor
Luxor, Avenue of Sphynxes
Avenue of Sphynxes
At Karnak
Slide 43
Luxor, Pylon of Karnak
Karnac -- Entrance to Temple of Mour and Ameno[...] Statue
Karnak Temple and Mosque
Karnak. Banks of the Nile
Slide 39
Luxor, Ramasseum
[Luxor, Ramasseum]
Ramesium Temple, Thebes
Ramesium Reliefs, Thebes
Luxor Hotel
Slide 100
Temple of Luxor
Luxor Colonnade
Sakir or well to irrigate [...], worked by a camel
Slide 40
Luxor, Temple of Luxor
The Nile at Luxor
Ramasseum, Luxor
Water Carriers
Luxor, The Nile and Tamarisk Trees
Karnak, Sphinxes
Karnak, Polygonal pillars
Slide 43
Egyptian lily and lotus columns, Karnak
Slide 25
Egypt, Karnak. Pylons at South
Karnak, pavilion of Sesostris I
Karnak, Second Pylon
Karnak, Statue of Amenophis III
Karnak, Hall of Columns
Karnak, general plan
Slide 45
Western avenue of sphinxes, Karnak
'Herbarium' of Rameses III, Karnak
Slide 40
Karnak, Hypostyle Hall
Karnak, Clerestory window, Hypostyle Hall
Slide 46
Western Sphinx Avenue, Karnak
Sahura Pyramid
The Peripteral Cella-Temple
Portico of Anubis sanctuary, Deir el Bahari, Dynasty XVIII
South wall of Punt colonnade, Deir el Bahari, Dynasty XVIII
Egypte, Esnah
Leiden Museum -- Tomb of Meri-Meri
Leiden Museum -- Tomb of Ptalimes
Tomb of Zer
Building tomb, First Dynasty
Tombs of Mena, Zer, and Den
Trays with shape of foot
El Mahasna, objects from grave H 41
Sacred limestone figure, front / back, Dynasty I-II
Early dynastic granite door-socket representing a captive enemy
Abydos, Temple: glazed pottery  M 69
Hierakonpolis, main deposit, stone and glaze
Hierakonpolis, archaic limestone statue
Hierakonpolis, main deposit, ivory figures
Hierakonpolis, main deposit, ivory figures
Tool-marks on first dynasty basalt stela / Tool-marks on an unfinished pink granite colossus
Tool-marks on first dynasty basalt stela / Tool-marks on an unfinished pink granite colossus
Narmer palette, obverse / reverse
Ebony tablet of Menes, First Dynasty / King Semerkhet (First Dynasty) smites the Beduin of Sinai
The Naqadah plaque
[Leiden Museum -- two ornaments in shape of ducks]
[Leiden Museum -- two ornaments in shape of ducks]
Canopic Jars
Syrian and Cretan influences, Dynasty XVIII
Ointment Spoons, Louvre
Klapstol af Asketrae
Chair of Sitamon, Dynasty XVIII
Slide 507
Mirror case, Tomb of Amenhotep II
Objects in alabaster, faience and wood
Chairs / Basket, folding seat, table and chair
Backs of age of Sebekhetep III
Backs of age of Sebekhetep II
Fronts of age of Sebekhetep III
Gezer, Ledge-Handled Jar
Painted vases, XVIII dynasty
Egypt, jar inscribed Narmer
Egypt, glaze, chiefly Rameses II
Egyptian glaze bowl, Enkomi, Tomb 66
Slide 41
Thebes, Luxor. Sphinxes in Course of Excavation
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Number of slides
at least 148
Main type of image
Main usage of set
Date of first manufacture
People involved in slide production

GOODING, Harry  (1886-1965) – slide maker, slides [29], [132]

SUTTON, Charles  (1875-1944) – photographer, slides [42], [66], [74], [84], [86], [89]

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