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Imperial Geographical Teaching Scheme


A series of geographical lecture sets published by Newton & Co. of London, on behalf of the Visual Instruction Committee of the Colonial Office.

Catalogue entry
Catalogue of lantern slides: part II (London: Newton & Co., 1913), 550-575

A Great Geographical Teaching Scheme

The Scheme of Imperial Geographical Teaching arranged by the Visual Instruction Committee of the Colonial Office is probably the most comprehensive effort ever made in this direction.

It is an earnest endeavour to grapple seriously with a great subject and has been planned on a scale and made available for schools at a cost far beyond anything of the sort hitherto attempted. An artist has been specially sent round the world by the Committee to ensure that the pictures, whether plain or coloured, shall really represent as far as possible the colour, atmosphere, and local conditions, and the result is undoubtedly of high educational value.

Six Complete Courses of Lectures are now [1913] ready for issue, and these can be either purchased or hired at the prices noted below, and a Seventh Course is preparing.

Printed Lectures are, or will be, issued with all these sets.

Any of these Lecture Sets of Slides can be hired for one lecture at 10s. per set.”

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