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Person: BAMFORTH, James  (1842-1911)

Biographical summary of this person
Full name
Relevance of this person
owner/proprietor of slide manufacturing business
Main period of activity
1861 (surname 'Balmforth') Painter, like his father
1867-69 Painter (at baptism of his sons Harry and Walter)
1871 Photographer
1881 (surname 'Balmforth') Photographer & Painter
1891 Photographer & maker of lantern slides
1901 Magic Lantern Slide Maker
Relationships to other people

son of BAMFORTH, Joseph  (1819-1899)

married to BAMFORTH, Mrs Martha  (1843-1894)

adoptive parent of GREENSMITH, Miss Sarah  (1866-1934)

father of BAMFORTH, Harry  (1867-1930)

father of BAMFORTH, Walter  (1869- ? )

father of BAMFORTH, Fred  (1871- ? )

father of BAMFORTH, Frank  (1872-1947)

father of BAMFORTH, Lizzie  (1875- after 1911)

father of BAMFORTH, Edwin  (1877-1939)

father of BAMFORTH, Jane  (1878-1963)

1870 – 1900
2 April 1911
census record
1911 Census of England and Wales, RG14/26224
– occupation “Photographer, Maker Of Lantern Slides & Picture Post Cards”
Slide sets linked to this person

model: Almost wrecked (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 32 slides, 1889)

model: Beware!: or, the effects of gambling (story: Bamforth & Co., 24 slides, 1893)

model: Catterina: a pathetic story (story: Bamforth & Co., 49 slides, 1893)

model: The drunkard's wife (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 6 slides, 1880s)

model: The drunkards (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 12 slides, 1880s)

model: The fool's pence (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 8 slides, 1880s)

model: For mother's sake: a story of the demon drink (service of song: Bamforth & Co., 40 slides, 1891)

model: For the master's sake (service of song: Bamforth & Co., 38 slides, 1893)

model: Found at last: sequel to 'Lost in London' (service of song: Bamforth & Co., 17-24 slides, 1895)

model: The gipsy's revenge (story: Bamforth & Co., 34 slides, 1886)

model: Grizzie and Jim: a temperance service of song (service of song: Bamforth & Co., 31 slides, 1892)

model: Hard as a nail: or, Jubal Sparge's bounty (story: Bamforth & Co., 42 slides, 1897)

model: Harry's pint: or, threepence a day (story: Bamforth & Co., 20 slides, 1898)

model: Her Benny (story: Bamforth & Co., 42 slides, 1889)

model: The idol of Britain (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 7 slides, 1899)

model: In the harbour (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 9 slides, 1890)

model: In the workhouse (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 9 slides, 1890)

model: Jack the conqueror (story: Bamforth & Co., 25-26 slides, 1880s)

model: Jack the conqueror: new series (story: Bamforth & Co., 41 slides, 1893)

model: Keeping his word (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 9 slides, 1892)

model: The lifeboat (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 20 slides, 1899)

model: Little Jamie (service of song: Bamforth & Co., 37 slides, 1891)

model: The little shoes (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 6 slides, 1880s)

model: The lost child (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 32 slides, 1890)

model: The magic wand (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 6 slides, 1889)

model: The Mallee scrub: a true story of three children who were lost in the Australian bush (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 24 slides, 1887)

model: A man hunt (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 8 slides, 1893)

model: Matt Stubbs' dream: or, Christmas Eve at the Blue Boar (story: Bamforth & Co., 40 slides, 1897)

model: Mother's last words (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 19 slides, 1880s)

model: Nelly's champion (story: Bamforth & Co., 17 slides, 1889)

model: Ora pro nobis (song: Bamforth & Co., 8 slides, 1897)

model: Our Father's care (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 14 slides, 1880s)

model: Paying the fare: a true story (service of song: Bamforth & Co., 48 slides, 1901)

model: A peep behind the scenes (story: Bamforth & Co., 36 slides, 1880s)

model: The pilot (song: Bamforth & Co., 7 slides, 1904)

model: Please, Mr Conductor, don't put me off (song: Bamforth & Co., 22 slides, 1903)

model: The quarryman's resolve (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 12 slides, 1900)

model: Rhoda: or, the gipsy girl's mission of love (service of song: Bamforth & Co., 40-46 slides, 1894)

model: Riches and rags (service of song: Bamforth & Co., 50 slides, 1907)

model: The road to Heaven (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 7-9 slides, 1891)

model: Saved from the sea (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 10 slides, 1880s)

model: The star of Bethlehem (song: Bamforth & Co., 9 slides, 1895)

model: The street tumblers (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 10 slides, 1890)

model: Stumps: a sequel to Nelly's champion (story: Bamforth & Co., 21 slides, 1889)

model: There's help at hand (service of song: Bamforth & Co., 28 slides, 1896)

model: There's help at hand (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 28 slides, 1880s)

model: The toilers (song: Bamforth & Co., 14 slides, 1897)

model: The village blacksmith (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 12 slides, 1891)

model: The way to Heaven (service of song: Bamforth & Co., 38 slides, 1892)

model: Wee Davie (service of song: Bamforth & Co., 42 slides, 1899)

model: While the Sabbath bells were ringing (recitation: Bamforth & Co., 7 slides, 1892)

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  –  bringing lawsuit for copyright infringement
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