Person record: DAVID OF ISRAEL, King   (fl.C11th B.C.)

Basic biographical summary of this person
Relevance of this personBiblical figure and subject of religious slide sets 
Main period of activityC11th B.C.
date unknownborn atunknown location
date unknowndied atunknown location
Slide set references
(* = main subject of set)

* Incidents in the life of David (religious: Theobald & Co., 12 slides, n.d.)

* Life of David (religious: Riley Brothers, 31 slides, 1895)

* Life of David (religious: York & Son, 12 slides, n.d.)

* The life of David (religious: maker unknown, 20 slides, n.d.)

* The story of David (religious: Riley Brothers, 15 slides, 1891)

(* = main subject)

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* Incidents in the life of David in Readings in prose and verse

* The life of David (Bradford: Riley Brothers, 1895)

* Life of David in Lantern readings for the young 1

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* The story of David in Short scripture readings 3 (1891)

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