Person record: ROSSELL, Deac

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Relevance of this personresearcher and historian of lanterns and slides 
Main period of activityN/A
Texts linked to this personArticles (7)

Deac Rossell, The Anschütz zoetropes in NMLJ 8.3 (December 1998)

Deac Rossell, Leibniz and the lantern in NMLJ 9.2 (Summer 2002)

Deac Rossell, Some footnotes to The Lantern Image in NMLJ 8.3 (December 1998)

Deac Rossell, Some German professional magic lanterns in Servants of light (1997)

Deac Rossell, Some thoughts on the bull's-eye lantern in NMLJ 9.5 (Winter 2003)

Deac Rossell, The true inventor of the magic lantern in NMLJ 9.1 (Winter 2001)

Deac Rossell, William Emerson: a footnote to Hecht in NMLJ 7.3 (November 1995)

Books (2)

Deac Rossell, Laterna magica / Magic lantern: band 1 / volume 1 (Stuttgart: Füsslin Verlag, 2008)

Deac Rossell, Living pictures: the origins of the movies (Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 1998)

Miscellanies (1)

Richard Crangle, Deac Rossell and Amy Sargeant, Bits and pieces in NMLJ 9.6 (Summer 2004)

Reviews (1)

Deac Rossell, Review: Licht und wahrheit in NMLJ 10.2 (Autumn 2006)

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