Person record: A LANTERNIST  [pseudonym]

Basic biographical summary of this person
Relevance of this personcontributor to OMLJ, 1895 
Main period of activity1890s
Texts linked to this personArticles (11)

‘ A Lanternist’, The dissolving tap and how to connect it in OMLJ 7.85 (June 1896)

‘ A Lanternist’, Hints on screens, and a good support in OMLJ 6.73 (June 1895)

‘ A Lanternist’, 'Hints,' and how to make direct positives in the camera in OMLJ 6.69 (February 1895)

‘ A Lanternist’, Magic or chameleon lantern slides in OMLJ 6.77 (October 1895)

‘ A Lanternist’, My gas holder and how to use it in OMLJ 6.71 (April 1895)

‘ A Lanternist’, The new light, incandescent gas in OMLJ 6.70 (March 1895)

‘ A Lanternist’, Registering discs: how to make and use them [part 1] in OMLJ 7.81 (February 1896)

‘ A Lanternist’, Registering discs: how to make and use them [part 2] in OMLJ 7.82 (March 1896)

‘ A Lanternist’, Self-lighting gas jets: how to make them in OMLJ 6.78 (November 1895)

‘ A Lanternist’, Stage and tableaux vivant lighting in OMLJ 6.76 (September 1895)

‘ A Lanternist’, What causes the hissing in a jet? in OMLJ 6.79 (December 1895)

Published correspondence (1)

Henry W. Nettleship, Harold Rose, W.H. Mathieson, S.L. Wilton, J.J. Vezey and ‘ A Lanternist’, Correspondence in OMLJ 6.79 (December 1895)  –  'Self-lighting jets'

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