Person record: VAN DOOREN, Ine

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Relevance of this personlantern and slide researcher and archivist 
Main period of activity1990s-2010s
Texts linked to this personArticles (6)

Ine van Dooren, Cataloguing and researching slide collections: an archive's experience in NMLJ 9.1 (Winter 2001)

Vanessa Davids (trans. Ine van Dooren), Diascoop re-invents the magic lantern: a conversation with Ida Lohman, visual artist in Realms of light (2005)

Vanessa Davids (trans. Ine van Dooren), Nudes and more: a short description of a pornographic lantern slide collection in Realms of light (2005)

Daan Buddingh (trans. Ine van Dooren), A peep into history: the 19th-century magic lantern in the Netherlands in Realms of light (2005)

Vanessa Davids and Els de Roon Hertoge (trans. Ine van Dooren), A skull sticker and what it can lead to... in Realms of light (2005)

Jens Ruchatz (trans. Ine van Dooren), Travelling by slide: how the art of projection met the world of travel in Realms of light (2005)

Books (1)

Richard Crangle, Mervyn Heard and Ine van Dooren (editors), Realms of light: uses and perceptions of the magic lantern from the 17th to the 21st century (London: Magic Lantern Society, 2005)

Editorials (2)

Richard Crangle, Mervyn Heard and Ine van Dooren, Introduction: Realms of light in Realms of light (2005)

Ine van Dooren, Projection international: the lantern in different national contexts in Realms of light (2005)

News items (1)

Ine van Dooren, The magic lantern today in Magic Lantern 9 (December 2016)

Reviews (1)

Ine van Dooren, Book review: Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst! in NMLJ 9.4 (Summer 2003)

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