Person record: NEWTON, Edward  (1829-1909)

Basic biographical summary of this person
Full nameWilliam Edward NEWTON
Relevance of this personpartner in lantern and slide supply business 
Main period of activityN/A

The relationship with William Edward Newton is first cousin - their fathers were cousins.

Relationships to other peopleindirect relative of NEWTON, William Edward  (1818-1879)
brother of NEWTON, Frederic  (1824-1909)
married to NEWTON, Mrs Anne  (c.1830-1907)
cousin of FRESHWATER, T.E., F.R.M.S., F.R.P.S.  (1843-1918)
uncle of COULTHARD, Reverend Ernest N.  (1857-1931)
uncle of NEWTON, Herbert  (1859-1940)
father of NEWTON, Miss Florence  (1868-1953)
12 July 1829born atHitchin, Hertfordshire, England
6 June 184111census record1841 Census of England and Wales, HO107/445.1.25.6
1851-1861resident3 Fleet Street, London, England
30 March 185121census record1851 Census of England and Wales, HO107/1527.184.2
1861~31employeeNewton & Co.
7 April 186131census record1861 Census of England and Wales, RG9/219.4.1
2 April 187141census record1871 Census of England and Wales
1891resident62 Ridge Road, Hornsey, London N, England
5 April 189161census record1891 Census of England and Wales, RG12/1063.9.13
– occupation “Optician”
1901resident9 Woodland Road, Southgate, London, England
31 March 190171census record1901 Census of England and Wales, RG13/1267.29.45
– occupation “Retired Optician”
31 October 190980died atunknown location
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