Person record: WESLEY, John  (1703-1791)

Basic biographical summary of this person
Relevance of this personreligious pioneer and subject of lantern slides 
Main period of activityN/A
Relationships to other peoplebrother of WESLEY, Charles  (1707-1788)
17 June 1703born atEpworth, Lincolnshire, England
2 March 179187died atunknown location
Slide set references
(* = main subject of set)

* Historic Lincolnshire (lecture: Riley Brothers, 55 slides, 1911)

* Illustrated descriptive lectures on the free churches: no. 5 -- the expansion of Methodism in Wesley's day (lecture: Riley Brothers, 60 slides, 1904)

* John Wesley: and his life work (lecture: maker unknown, 65 slides, n.d.)

* Life and times of John Wesley (lecture: Alfred Pumphrey, 62 slides, n.d.)

* Life of Wesley (lecture: maker unknown, at least 34 slides, n.d.)

* Optical lantern life of John Wesley (lecture: Riley Brothers, 60 slides, 1891)

* Places of interest in the life of the Rev. John Wesley (lecture: maker unknown, 26 slides, n.d.)

* Scenes from the life of the Reverend John Wesley, M.A. (lecture: York & Son, 62 slides, n.d.)

* The life and times of the Rev. John Wesley: the father of Methodism (lecture: maker unknown, 37 slides, n.d.)

(* = main subject)

* Historic Lincolnshire (Bradford: Riley Brothers, 1911)

* John Wesley: and his life work (n.d.)

* The life and times of the Rev. John Wesley: the father of Methodism in Lantern readings original and selected 2

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