Person record: LOCKE, C.W.  (1849-1925)

Basic biographical summary of this person
Full nameCharles Woolnough LOCKEC.W. Locke in 1897
Portrait photograph from OMLJ, August 1897
Relevance of this personlantern operator and photographer 
Main period of activity1870s-1910s
1849born atIpswich, Suffolk, England
1871resident5 Southall Place, Southall, London, England
2 April 1871~22census record1871 Census of England and Wales, RG10/1311.33.30
– occupation “Wheelwright”
1880-1881resident53 Great Coram Street, London, England
3 April 1881~32census record1881 Census of England and Wales, RG11/319.46.9
– occupation “Assistant public lecturer”
1887-1895~37partnerD. Noakes & Son
1891resident12 Ormiston Road, Greenwich, London SE, England
5 April 1891~42census record1891 Census of England and Wales, RG12/513.125.14
– occupation “Manufacturing optician”
1895-1903~45owner/proprietorC.W. Locke
8 February 1897~48lantern operator[Travels in the far North] (lantern lecture, London, England, 8 February 1897)
1898-1899~48directorNottingham Incandescent Lime Cylinder Syndicate
1901residentSunningdale, Woodville Road, New Barnet, London, England
31 March 1901~52census record1901 Census of England and Wales, RG13/1231.49.29
– occupation “Optical lantern maker & photographer”
1902-1906residentMossley House, 55 Sinclair Road, Kensington, London W, England
1907-1925resident182 Holland Road, Kensington, London W, England
2 April 1911~62census record1911 Census of England and Wales, RG14/87
– occupation “Photographer”
1925~75died atKensington, London W, England
Texts linked to this personPublished correspondence (3)

‘ Observer’, R.B. Price, W. Stocks, T.E. Morgan, C.W. Locke, W. Stocks and ‘ An Old Photographer’, Correspondence in OMLJ 7.84 (May 1896)  –  'Ancient water and flour mills'

D.A. Doudney, George Newnes Ltd and C.W. Locke, Correspondence in OMLJ 8.101 (October 1897)  –  'Professor Malden's effect slides'

Joseph J. Smith, C.W. Locke, F. Brown, William H. Assender and Walker & Co., Correspondence in OMLJ 10.123 (August 1899)  –  'Nottingham Incandescent Lime Cylinder Syndicate'

(* = main subject)

David Robinson, Stephen Herbert and Richard Crangle (editors), Encyclopaedia of the magic lantern (London: Magic Lantern Society, 2001), pp. 176-177

Dioramic effects at the Egyptian Hall in OMLJ 11.132 (May 1900)
  –  lantern shows at Egyptian Hall

Electrorama in OMLJ 9.109 (June 1898)
  –  manager of Electrorama

The largest lantern audience in OMLJ 8.94 (March 1897)
  –  lanternist at Nansen's Albert Hall lecture

Mere mention in OMLJ 13.151 (October 1902)
  –  change of business address

Notes in OMLJ 7.90 (November 1896)
  –  cinematograph show at Brechin

Prominent men in the lantern world: no. X -- Mr C.W. Locke in OMLJ 8.99 (August 1897)

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