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NameStephen HERBERT
Relevance of this personwriter and researcher on screen history 
Main period of activityN/A
Texts linked to this personArticles (10)

Stephen Herbert, 1880-81 and all that: a slice of lantern life in NMLJ 9.1 (Winter 2001)

Stephen Herbert, The Finney Collection in Servants of light (1997)

Stephen Herbert, German home and toy magic lantern-cinematographs in NMLJ 5.2 (August 1987)

Stephen Herbert, Lanterns for advertising in Servants of light (1997)

Stephen Herbert, The Molteni biunial and stereo projection in NMLJ 6.3 (January 1992)

Stephen Herbert (trans. Brendan Taylor), Nouvelles scientifiques in NMLJ 6.1 (January 1989)

Stephen Herbert, Quick change: Muybridge's patented slide-changer in NMLJ 9.2 (Summer 2002)

Stephen Herbert, Remembering Reynaud in London and Paris in NMLJ 7.2 (September 1994)

Stephen Herbert, The riddle of the lanterns in Servants of light (1997)

Stephen Herbert, A slice of lantern life: lantern presentations in and around Hastings in early 1881 in Realms of light (2005)

Books (6)

Stephen Herbert (editor), Eadweard Muybridge: the Kingston Museum bequest (Hastings: The Projection Box, 2004)

David Robinson, Stephen Herbert and Richard Crangle (editors), Encyclopaedia of the magic lantern (London: Magic Lantern Society, 2001)

Dennis Crompton, David Henry and Stephen Herbert (editors), Magic images: the art of hand-painted and photographic lantern slides (London: Magic Lantern Society, 1990)

Dennis Crompton, Richard Franklin and Stephen Herbert (editors), Servants of light: the book of the lantern (London: Magic Lantern Society, 1997)

Stephen Herbert, Theodore Brown's magic pictures: the art and inventions of a multi-media pioneer (Hastings: The Projection Box, 1997)

Stephen Herbert and Luke McKernan (editors), Who's who of Victorian cinema: a worldwide survey (London: British Film Institute, 1996)

Reviews (2)

Stephen Herbert, Book review: Motion studies (or River of shadows) in NMLJ 9.5 (Winter 2003)

Stephen Herbert, Book review: The great art of light and shadow in NMLJ 9.1 (Winter 2001)

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