Person record: HUYGENS, Christiaan  (1629-1695)

Basic biographical summary of this person
NameChristiaan HUYGENSChristiaan Huygens in 1671
From a painting by Caspar Netscher (1639-84)
Relevance of this personscientist and scholar; first person to describe a magic lantern and slide 
Main period of activity1650s-90s
NotesHuygens is generally accepted as the author of the first known reference to lantern-based projection, in notes made in 1659. Whether this qualifies him as the 'inventor' of the lantern remains open to debate, and his own acknowledgement of the instrument appears to have been somewhat ambiguous. 
Relationships to other peopleson of HUYGENS, Constantijn  (1596-1687)
brother of HUYGENS, Lodewijk  (1631-1699)
14 April 1629born atDen Haag, Netherlands
8 July 169566died atDen Haag, Netherlands
Slide images showing this person Portret van Huygens -- slide 240 of <em>[Astronomy Sonnenborgh - box 06]</em> (lecture: maker unknown, 37 slides, in/after   1910)
Slide set reference

image appears in: [Astronomy Sonnenborgh - box 06] (lecture: maker unknown, 37 slides, in/after 1910)

(* = main subject)

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