Person record: NORTON, C. Goodwin  (1858-1940)

Basic biographical summary of this person
Full nameCharles Goodwin NORTON
Relevance of this personlantern operator, film maker and author 
Main period of activity1890s-1900s
NotesHis letter in OMLJ 4.47 has the address '38 Manchester Street, W.C.', but this is presumably a misreading of 'Marchmont Street'. 
date unknownowner/proprietorC. Goodwin Norton
8 April 1858born atShere, Surrey, England
1890-1911resident38 Marchmont Street, Russell Square, London WC, England
5 April 189132census record1891 Census of England and Wales, RG12/208.41.12
31 March 190142census record1901 Census of England and Wales, RG13/139.42.77
2 April 191152census record1911 Census of England and Wales, RG14/696
22 March 194081died atOsterley, Middlesex, England
Texts linked to this personArticles (14)

C. Goodwin Norton, Condensers: double and triple in OMLJ 5.59 (April 1894)

C. Goodwin Norton, Ether saturators and other matters in OMLJ 2.31 (December 1891)

C. Goodwin Norton, Experiences with the ether-oxygen light in OMLJ 2.22 (March 1891)

C. Goodwin Norton, How to renovate a lantern: no. 1 -- wood-work in OMLJ 3.36 (May 1892)

C. Goodwin Norton, How to renovate a lantern: no. 2 -- japanning in OMLJ 3.37 (June 1892)

C. Goodwin Norton, How to renovate a lantern: no. 3 -- brass work in OMLJ 3.41 (October 1892)

C. Goodwin Norton, How to renovate a lantern: no. 4 -- dull black surfaces in OMLJ 3.43 (December 1892)

C. Goodwin Norton, Lantern exhibitions in summer in OMLJ 5.60 (May 1894)

C. Goodwin Norton, The London County Council and lanternists in OMLJ 6.77 (October 1895)

C. Goodwin Norton, The practical management of a triple lantern in OMLJ 4.45 (February 1893)

C. Goodwin Norton, The relative power of illuminants for the lantern in OMLJ 4.52 (September 1893)

C. Goodwin Norton, The rival merits of single and double lanterns in OMLJ 4.54 (November 1893)

C. Goodwin Norton, A talk on condensers and lenses in OMLJ 6.73 (June 1895)

C. Goodwin Norton, To ascertain the focus of a lantern or other objective in OMLJ 5.56 (January 1894)

Published correspondence (6)

‘ J.H.R.’, C. Goodwin Norton, ‘ Saturator’, Albert Tranter and Carey Coombs, Correspondence in OMLJ 2.19 (December 1890)  –  'Ether-oxygen saturator'

D.A. Doudney and C. Goodwin Norton, Correspondence in OMLJ 2.24 (May 1891)  –  'Experiences with the ethoxo light'

Stanley A. Page, C. Goodwin Norton, John Kirk and W. Morrison, Correspondence in OMLJ 2.26 (July 1891)  –  'Ether saturators'

‘ Limelight’, Horace Hilton, W. Banks & Co. and C. Goodwin Norton, Correspondence in OMLJ 4.47 (April 1893)  –  'Gases and gas-bags'

W.R. Hill, ‘ Suum Cuique’, John Green, ‘ Expert’, C. Goodwin Norton, W.I. Chadwick, James W. Garbutt, Arthur W. Johnson and ‘ A.B.C.’, Correspondence in OMLJ 4.48 (May 1893)  –  'Registering lanterns -- bad gas'

C. Goodwin Norton, H.G. White, W. Stocks, H. Snowden Ward, ‘ Beginner’, George M. Howard, A.A. Wood and Edmund H. Wilkie, Correspondence in OMLJ 4.50 (July 1893)  –  'Success and non-success of lantern exhibitions'

Reprints (1)

C. Goodwin Norton, Lantern renovation in NMLJ 2.1 (January 1981)

Textbooks (2)

C. Goodwin Norton, The lantern and how to use it (London: Hazell, Watson & Viney, 1895)

C. Goodwin Norton and Judson Bonner, The lantern and how to use it: 4th revised edition (London: Hazell, Watson & Viney, 1912)

(* = main subject)

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