Person record: BAMFORTH, James  (1842-1911)

Basic biographical summary of this person
Full nameJames BAMFORTH
Relevance of this personowner/proprietor of slide manufacturing business 
Main period of activity1880s-1900s
1861 (surname 'Balmforth') Painter, like his father
1867-69 Painter (at baptism of his sons Harry and Walter)
1871 Photographer
1881 (surname 'Balmforth') Photographer & Painter
1891 Photographer & maker of lantern slides
1901 Magic Lantern Slide Maker 
Relationships to other peopleson of BAMFORTH, Joseph  (1819-1899)
married to BAMFORTH, Mrs Martha  (1844-1894)
adoptive parent of GREENSMITH, Miss Sarah  (1866-1934)
father of BAMFORTH, Harry  (1867-1930)
father of BAMFORTH, Walter  (1869- ? )
father of BAMFORTH, Fred  (1871- ? )
father of BAMFORTH, Frank  (1872-1947)
father of BAMFORTH, Lizzie  (1875- after 1911)
father of BAMFORTH, Edwin  (1877-1939)
father of BAMFORTH, Jane  (1878-1963)
1842born atCartworth, Yorkshire (West Riding), England
1861residentHolmfirth Road, Cartworth, Yorkshire (West Riding), England
1867-1901residentHey Gap, Holmfirth, Yorkshire (West Riding), England
1870-1900~28owner/proprietorJames Bamforth
1900~57owner/proprietorBamforth & Co.
1911residentBack Lane, Holmfirth, Yorkshire (West Riding), England
2 April 1911~69census record1911 Census of England and Wales, RG14/26224
– occupation “Photographer, Maker Of Lantern Slides & Picture Post Cards”
26 October 1911~69died atHolmfirth, Yorkshire (West Riding), England
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