Person record: ROWLEY, F.R.  (1869-1939)

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Full nameFrederick Richard ROWLEY
Relevance of this personmuseum curator and lantern lecturer 
Main period of activityN/A
1869born atBridgnorth, Shropshire, England
1891-1901resident60 Lower Hastings Street, Leicester, Leicestershire, England
5 April 1891~22census record1891 Census of England and Wales, RG12/2536.35.11
– occupation 'Sub Curator at Museum'
31 March 1901~32census record1901 Census of England and Wales, RG13/3004
– occupation 'Sub Curator Corporation Museum'
1902~32memberRAMC Field Club
January 1902 – 1934~33employeeRoyal Albert Memorial Museum
11 December 1902~34lecturerNatural History -- Museums -- Their evolution and value, Exeter, Devon, England, 11 December 1902
31 January 1903~34lecturerNatural history museums: their evolution and value, Exeter, Devon, England, 31 January 1903
28 February 1903~34lecturerCoral polyps and their work, Exeter, Devon, England, 28 February 1903
21 November 1903~34lecturerShells and their tenants, Exeter, Devon, England, 21 November 1903
26 January 1904~35lecturerShells and their tenants, Liskeard, Cornwall, England, 26 January 1904
17 December 1904~36lecturerExtinct birds, Exeter, Devon, England, 17 December 1904
26 January 1905~36lecturer[Deep Sea Exploration], Exeter, Devon, England, 26 January 1905
4 February 1905~36lecturerThe parasite of malaria and its life history, Exeter, Devon, England, 4 February 1905
19 February 1905~36lecturerThe wonders of the deep, Exeter, Devon, England, 19 February 1905
21 March 1905~36lecturerNatural history museums, Torquay, Devon, England, 21 March 1905
4 November 1905~36lecturerSome extinct birds, Exeter, Devon, England, 4 November 1905
13 November 1905~36lecturerSome methods and results of deep sea explorations, Teignmouth, Devon, England, 13 November 1905
1906resident3 Devonshire Place, Pennsylvania, Exeter, Devon, England
6 January 1906~37lecturerSome interesting exhibits in the Museum, Exeter, Devon, England, 6 January 1906
2 March 1907~38lecturerSome Egyptian antiquities, Exeter, Devon, England, 2 March 1907
2 March 1907~38lecturerSome Egyptian antiquities in the Museum, Exeter, Devon, England, 2 March 1907
19 March 1907~38lecturerMethods and results of deep sea exploration, Torquay, Devon, England, 19 March 1907
30 November 1907~38lantern operatorFossils: what they are and what they teach us, Exeter, Devon, England, 30 November 1907
14 December 1907~39lecturerMicroscopic life in ponds and rock-pools, Exeter, Devon, England, 14 December 1907
March 1908~39lecturerThe microscope at the seaside, Barnstaple, Devon, England, March 1908
19 December 1908~40lecturerMicroscopic marine life: with coloured transparencies, Exeter, Devon, England, 19 December 1908
9 February 1909~40lecturerPhases of Animal Life, Liskeard, Cornwall, England, 9 February 1909
1 March 1909~40lecturerPhases of animal life, Bradninch, Devon, England, 1 March 1909
12 March 1910~41lecturerSome injurious animals and their work, Exeter, Devon, England, 12 March 1910
1911-1918resident8 Pinhoe Road, Exeter, Devon, England
1911~41officerExeter Pictorial Record Society
18 February 1911~42lecturerSome savage customs and beliefs, Exeter, Devon, England, 18 February 1911
2 April 1911~42census record1911 Census of England and Wales, RG14/12607.120
– occupation 'Museum Curator'
31 January 1914~45contributorWeeds, Exeter, Devon, England, 31 January 1914
10 January 1920~51lecturerThe open sea and some of its inhabitants, Exeter, Devon, England, 10 January 1920
28 January 1922~53lecturerSome modern museums and their aims, Exeter, Devon, England, 28 January 1922
19 February 1927~58lecturerGlimpses of bird life, Exeter, Devon, England, 19 February 1927
1930resident4 Victoria Park Road, Exeter, Devon, England
25 February 1933~64lecturer[Characteristic aspects of Field Geology], Exeter, Devon, England, 25 February 1933
9 March 1935~66contributorLantern Slides shown by Members, Exeter, Devon, England, 9 March 1935
25 January 1936~67contributorMembers' lantern slides, notes and records, Exeter, Devon, England, 25 January 1936
28 November 1936~67contributorExhibition of nature lantern slides by members, Exeter, Devon, England, 28 November 1936
1939resident7 Victoria Park Road, Exeter, Devon, England
13 February 1939~70died atExeter, Devon, England
28 March 1939archive entryNational Probate Calendar Index of Wills and Administrations, 1939 p. 221
Slide images showing this person Group at Lundy -- slide Z.239 of <em>[Rowden Collection: series 'Z']</em> (miscellaneous: privately made, at least 195 slides, n.d.) In Lydford Gorge, 1926 -- slide Z.268 of <em>[Rowden Collection: series 'Z']</em> (miscellaneous: privately made, at least 195 slides, n.d.) F.R. Rowley Esq., F.R.M.S. -- unnumbered slide from <em>[Weaver Baker Collection: miscellaneous slides]</em> (miscellaneous: privately made, at least 46 slides, n.d.)
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image appears in: [Rowden Collection: series 'Z'] (miscellaneous: privately made, at least 195 slides, n.d.)

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Express and Echo No. 20,856 (16 February 1939), p. 7, col. 3
  –  report of funeral

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