Person record: HARRIS, Chas. K.  (1867-1930)

Basic biographical summary of this person
Full nameCharles Kassell HARRIS
Relevance of this personmusic publisher; lyricist/composer of songs used with slide sets 
Main period of activityN/A
date unknownowner/proprietorChas. K. Harris
1 May 1867born atPoughkeepsie, New York, U.S.A.
2 December 193063died atNew York, New York, U.S.A.
Texts linked to this personSongs (15)

Chas. K. Harris, After 'while (London: Feldman & Co., 1909)

Chas. K. Harris, And a little child shall lead them (London: Feldman & Co., 1900)

Chas. K. Harris (arr. Jos. Clauder), Break the news to Mother (n.d.)

Chas. K. Harris, Don't give me diamonds, all I want is you (New York: Chas. K. Harris, c.1912)

Chas. K. Harris, Hello Central, give me Heaven (New York: Chas. K. Harris, 1901)

Chas. K. Harris, I'm longing for one sight of you (London: Feldman & Co., 1910)

Chas. K. Harris, I'm starving for one sight of you (London: Shapiro, Von Tilzer Music Co., 1908)

Chas. K. Harris, I'm trying so hard to forget you (London: Feldman & Co., 1904)

Chas. K. Harris, If you please, miss, give me Heaven (London: Charles Sheard & Co., n.d.)

Chas. K. Harris, Nobody knows, nobody cares (London: Feldman & Co., 1909)

Chas. K. Harris, Somewhere (London: Feldman & Co., 1900)

Chas. K. Harris, The tie that binds (Charles Sheard & Co., 1901)

Chas. K. Harris, Why don't they play with me? (New York: William W. Delaney, 1904)

Chas. K. Harris, Will the roses bloom in Heaven? (London: Feldman & Co., 1911)

Chas. K. Harris, Yesterday (London: Feldman & Co., 1907)

(* = main subject)

* Nancy A. Bergh and Margaret L. Bergh, The live model illustrated song American style in NMLJ 2.3 (January 1983), pp. 6-8

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