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London Zoological Gardens, London, England

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The ElephantThe Orang-UtangThe Rhesus MonkeyThe KinkajouThe ChimpanzeeThe RavenThe Brown BearThe Laughing JackassLionWalrusMandrillWanderooBrazza's MonkeyBisonBarbary SheepThe Spotted HyaenaThe JackalThe WolfThe CondorThe Eared VultureThe AdjutantThe Great Black-Backed GullThe CrocodileThe BeaverReynard the FoxThe VizcachaThe Prairie-MarmotThe BadgerThe Ard-varkThe Tufted UmbreThe Sea-LionThe SealThe OtterThe CoypuThe HippopotamusThe CormorantThe PenguinThe TurtleThe CheetahThe TigerThe Mountain-ZebraThe Axis DeerThe PacaThe Fallow DeerThe Angel FishThe ThylacineThe LionThe TigerThe LeopardThe PumaThe GiraffeThe Golden EagleThe Polar BearThe Indian RhinocerosThe ArmadilloThe PangolinThe HedgehogThe PorcupineThe GharialThe Moloch LizardThe ElephantThe ShrewThe ElandThe WapitiThe GorillaThe MarmosetThe OstrichThe KiwiThe Aye AyeThe CamelThe SlothThe KangarooThe Secretary BirdThe CobraBactrian, or two-humped CamelQuaggaRhea, or American OstrichEmeuWapiti DeerWolvesLlamaThe Markhoor, or Wild Mountain GoatIndian RhinocerosIndian RhinocerosSumatran RhinocerosSumatran RhinocerosThe ApteryxThe ApteryxCamel, Camel bactrianusDromedary, Camelus DromedariusIndian Elephant, Elephas IndicusAfrican Elephant. Elephas AfricanusAfrican Elephant. Elephas AfricanusIndian Elephant. Elephas IndicusHippopotami (male and female). Hippopotamus amphibiusBear on Pole. Ursus AmericanusSing Sing Antelope. Kobus Sing SingWolf. Canis lupusSmoking Monkey. Macacus AdamensisDromedary. Camelus DromedariusWhite Pelican. Pelecanus onocratalusPorcupine. Hystrix cristataRhinoceros. Rhinoceros unicornisSyrian Bear. Ursus SyriacusAnoa. Anoa depressicornisAfrican Elephant (female). Elephas AfricanusAfrican Elephant (male). Elephas AfricanusFemale Hippopotamus and Young Guy FawkesAt the Zoo, the Bear climbing the poleJava RhinocerosOstrichWhite StorksAt the Zoo. The GiraffeRhinocerosAfrican ElephantGiraffeZebra and ColtKangarooHippopotami and Young Guy FawkesSulfa Kully, Indian ElephantSulfa Kully, Indian ElephantYoung ElephantsZebra and coltThe Sea LionThe GiraffeThe Hippopotamus (awake)Hippopotamus (asleep)'A total Abstainer'Orang-Outan, London ZooPolar Bears, London ZooHippopotamusPlan of the Gardens of the Zoological Society of LondonLionMonkeys, catching fleasTwo Horned RhinocerosRed DeerSealRattlesnakeElephantine Tortoise
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